Your Nordic partner for sustainable MCC.

As the purest and most versatile form of cellulose, MCC has been used in several industries for decades.
Now our patented AaltoCellTM technology opens a whole new world for sustainable MCC production – one with limitless potential across a range of industries.

Quality & Purity

Expect MCC with uncompromising quality and purity derived from clean water and FSC certified, traceable, sustainably managed forests in Finland.


Production in Finland offers access to a dependable European supply and ensures supply chain security for your MCC needs.


Our production is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and we have a relentless commitment to low carbon footprint across all operations.


With AaltoCellTM technology, we are able to produce MCC with the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient process available today.

Responsible chemistry

Our process requires minimal chemicals and production follows strict safety measures.

100% green energy

Energy efficient process utilizing certified renewable energy.

Minimal water use

Water recovery and purification.

Side stream recovery

Sugars and other side streams are captured as sellable by-products.

Low carbon footprint

Only 429kgCO2e per produced ton of MCC.

MCC Pura Series

Unlimited potential.

Our MCC can be easily customized to meet specific particle size, shape, viscosity, and other properties, making it a versatile material for a wide range of industries and applications. This flexibility allows us to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and desired outcome.

Top features

Certified sustainable raw material

FSC certified traceable and sustainably managed forests.

Secure local production

Supply chain security with production in Finland.

Sustainability focused

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly process - assessed by third party.

Committed to low carbon footprint

Relentless commitment to lower carbon footprint across all operations.

Technical specifications

Pharmaceuticals & Supplements

Ingredients to enhance product performance and reduce carbon footprint.

Food Ingredients

Enhancing texture, stability, and nutritional content of various food products.

Skincare & Cosmetics

Safer, more environmentally friendly ingredients for today’s conscious consumers.

Commercial production in Finland.

At our new facility we manufacture cellulosic materials using AaltoCellTM, such as our flagship Microcrystallinen Cellulose (MCC). We are gearing up for full-scale operation in early 2024.

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