February 7th, 2024

Nordic Bioproducts Group Announces its Participation in the EU PESCO-UP project to Transform the Textile Recycling Industry

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Through BIG, the Bio Innovation Garage of Nordic Bioproducts Group, we are thrilled to announce our involvement in the groundbreaking EU Horizon Project PESCO-UP. The project aims to transform the textile recycling industry by creating new raw materials from mixed wastes – marking a pivotal moment in advancing textile recycling and sustainability efforts.

“We’re excited to be contributing our scientific knowhow and technical expertise in polycotton fiber separation to strengthen the textile recycling value chain and reduce reliance on virgin materials.” says Miska Paulorinne, CGO & Head of Textile Industry Solutions.

“We are also contributing our expertise in refining the cellulose into new valuable materials for textile, packaging and composite industries as part of the project.”

In collaboration with 19 leading organizations across the entire textile recycling value chain, together we are poised to address critical industry challenges head-on. From establishing recycling standards to fostering a digital marketplace for seamless information exchange, this project embodies the collective effort toward a more sustainable future.

Kalle Rihinen, COO and Lead at BIG shares, “At BIG, we describe our work as ‘from Imagination to Impact’ and this initiative is a great example of type of work we do. Our participation underscores our dedication to finding sustainable solutions that can reduce environmental impact, drive transformative change across industries, and pave the way for a circular future. And while the textile industry is one area of our work, we are also working with a range of industries to pioneer solutions to drive the green transition forward.”

Together, let’s pave the way for a circular economy that benefits both our planet and future generations.

Exciting times ahead!

Stay tuned for updates on Nordic Bioproducts Group, BIG and our journey with PESCO-UP. Together, we’re making strides towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. 🌿



From Imagination to Impact. BIG is the Bio Innovation Garage of Nordic Bioproducts Group where cutting-edge engineering meets deep expertise in cellulose chemistry. Here the brightest minds in science, engineering, chemistry and business come together to push boundaries and pioneer radical solutions.

ABOUT the PESCO-UP Project:

PESCO-UP is a Horizon Europe project, funded by the European Union. It started on 1 January 2024 and will last for 48 months. It receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 101138367.


We look forward to a successful collaboration with our project partners:

▪ CuRe Technology – Polyester Rejuvenation

▪ Centexbel

▪ CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies)

▪ CIVITTA (Civitta Foundation)

▪ INEOS Composites

▪ IOS, Ltd

▪ Mitwill Textiles Europe

▪ Nordic Bioproducts Group Ltd

▪ Rester Oy

▪ Reverse Resources

▪ Institute of Energy Systems and Environment of Riga Technical University (IESE)

▪ TEXroad

▪ Textile4Ever

▪ Textile ETP

▪ Valmet

▪ Vegea